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To find a job & debut through the Music & Entertainment school in “Shibuya”


Company Project: To learn with company, to work with the professionals on the spot and to gain the experience.
Industry special seminar: student can learn the high level class from the professionals who are playing active part in the industry. They can also tell the students the latest news in the industry.
Internship: Students can have a internship experience in the company / job they like. 
W major curriculum: Students can choose other major except their own major to larger their job / debut range.
Job / debut system: There are many school briefing and auditions to support students to find a job.


  • Music
  • Meida


School address: 2-19-21, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku 150-0002 Tokyo
Other campus, sister school:Tokyo Film Center School of Arts
Other campus, sister school:TOKYO DANCE&ACTORS SCHOOL
Other campus, sister school:Tokyo School of Anime
Other campus, sister school:Tokyo Communication Arts
Other campus, sister school:Tokyo Design Technology Center



International student number

117 students

Enrollment time


International student course /term (year)

Performing Art Course: Vocal, Guitar, Bass, Drum, Keyboard, Repair (2 years)
Music Technology Course: Music Business, Concert, Web / Mobile / Contents, Media Production, TV Production (2 years)
Music Technology Course: Music Creator (Music producer, Recording Engineer, Sound creator ), Lyricist / Composer debut (3 years)

School fee

Admission fee : 100,000 yen
One year tuition : 1,040,000 ~ 1,140,000 yen (Facilities fee included )
Other fee : 375,000 yen

International student scholarship

1. International student scholarship (with “International student” visa): The students who have a good performance in Japanese Language School or are over N2 in JLPT can be remitted 435,000 yen to 535,000 yen in the tuition (depends on different courses). The students who have a good performance in the first school year can be remitted  435,000 yen to 535,000 yen in the tuition in the second year. 
2. Honors Scholarship Privately-financed International Student 
Kyoritsu International Foundation Scholarship

Entrance examination

Screening of application documents, interview, Japanese test

School visit appointment

School visit / enrollment inquiry is on everyday.
Class visit is on every weekend / holiday.
The detail of school visit schedule, visit menu and so on is on the school website for every month..
A reservation is necessary to tell us the day and visit menu in school visit.
Please reserve by telephone, E-mail, website.

School introduction

Student can talk about to enter the tie-up dormitory / apartment with us. Dormitory visit is carried out at the time of school visit. If students are coming from far to take part in the enrollment examination, they can have a free night to stay in the dormitory if they want.

FAX:03-5766 –5182